We are 'The Red Bag Guys'


As a leader in medical and bio-hazardous waste disposal services, Med-Rid Services ensures the highest standards when collecting, treating and disposing of your hazardous waste. We provide complete documentation from pickup to disposal so your compliance will never be an issue.

Our clients include

  • Hospitals
  • Medical & Dental physician offices
  • Cancer clinics & Labs
  • Veterinary facilities
  • Tattoo studios
  • Nursing homes / Assisted living / Hospice providers
  • Industrial / commercial operations handling bio-hazardous waste


Med Rid - Red Bag Disposal

We provide your facility

  • Safe & compliant containers
  • Red bio-hazard liner bags
  • Shipping labels required for transporting

We come to your facility to assess what type of containers you will need to keep your facility in compliance. Your containers are exchanged on each pickup prior to safely treating and disposing of the bio-hazardous medical waste.

Our Commitment 

Med-Rid Services offers extremely competitive rates and is committed to keeping your medical waste collection process as hassle free as possible. That is why we want to emphasize the following:

  • Hospital prices from 7% to 15% below the national competitors rates
  • Doctors’ facilities prices from 10% to 50% below national competitors’ rates
  • No predetermined fuel surcharges
  • No energy fees
  • No junk fees
  • Quiet, conscientious collection staff
  • Friendly, readily-available customer service
  • Owner operated business committed to our clients

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Med-Rid Services takes great pride in handling your bio-hazardous waste collection quietly, quickly and professionally.

We hope to earn your business.  

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